Dinner On Indochina Cruise - Free Entrance Ticket

Duration: 4 Hours
Destinations: Nha Rong Harbor
Tour Operator: dongtravel.com    cs@dongtravel.com    1st Floor

Why not seeing Saigon at a different angle? The river’s gentle breeze caressing your skin, relaxing and unique music, comfort and luxury atmosphere, peace far away the metropolis’s bustle, a delicious dinner,… There are many ways to define this tour, but the only manner to understand it is checking it out yourself. Join to Dong Travel for dinner aboard the Cruise to live an unforgettable night sailing along the Saigon River and admiring the beautiful Ho Chi Minh City at night.


Program: Dinner On Indochina Cruise

  • 18:00 - 18.45: Coming to the pier check in cruise.
  • 19.00 - 20.45: The delicious dinner will be served while cruising along the Saigon River & seeing the skyline, bustling rivers lives. Continue enjoy your evening with variety of traditional performances aboard the ship.
  • 21.00: Dropping the guests off at Nha Rong harbor. Thank you and see you again.
  • Adults: USD {adultprice} x {adult} = USD {adultamount}
  • Children: USD {childprice} x {child} = USD {childamount}
  • Infants: USD {infantprice} x {infant} = USD {infantamount}