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Duration: 75 mins
Destinations: Hoi An Impression Theme Park
Tour Operator: dongtravel.com    cs@dongtravel.com    1st Floor
Hoi An Impression Show - Be stunned by Vietnam's largest art show where 500 performers take over the outdoor stage in their traditional Ao Dai costumes and modern staging techniques. Travel back in time as you explore the traditional themed village that represents the port town's 400-year history. Learn and understand the deep spiritual connection of Vietnamese people when you visit the pagodas, temples, and shrines inside the Spirituality Section of the park.


Program: Hoi An Memories Show


Part 1 - Life: Life is the beginning of the show, the start of everything will reappear the colorful picture about the costume, culture, life of Hoi An people long ago. 3.000 years ago, fisherman started to build houses and settle down. You can see the town began from a small fisherman’s house with his family and around them, Hoi An bloom from the earth

Part 2 - Wedding: This scene portrait the happy wedding of Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man in the past. This is an impressive performance but realistic against a back drop of Cham Pa temples, dances and towers, etc. You will feel like you are really attending an ancient wedding. Costumes is also various and colorful with Cham culture. And of course, wedding of the royalty must have an elephant – the symbol of Cham culture

Part 3 - Boat and sea: This is a scene of a faithful wife desperately waiting for her husband who is a sailor hasn’t come home for a long time. She turns into a stone statue. At the end of the story, the man returns, feeling wretched, he writhes in anguish beside the statue. This touching story is not told by words but by hundreds of professional dancers in traditional, colorful costume

Part 4 - Trading port: This part represents Hoi An trading port of the 17th century on the stage along with traders from Japan, China, Holland, France, India, etc. They have their business and join the local festivals. This is the main point of the show. You can see the glorious time of Hoi An in the past and enjoy every details which has been well prepared by the crew

Part 5 - Ao dai: Hoi An is one of very few cities still keep almost everything in the past through up and down of the history. That makes the priceless value that Hoi An people can be proud of. End of the show is an Ao Dai performance with many ancient structures of Hoi An. All of the values have been well preserved until now

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